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About Medic Foundation

What does Medic do?

Medic collects and repairs used equipment useful in health projects in developing countries. Medic makes these equipment and goods available to health care facilities in those countries upon request and at a marginal cost.


For more than forty years, every Tuesday and Thursday morning, more than 80 volunteers have been working at Johannes Bosboomstraat 29 in Apeldoorn to collect, repair and test this used equipment and goods donated by hospitals and healthcare institutions to their Medic Foundation. The Medic Foundation carries out approximately 150 projects in more than 35 "low budget" countries every year with these goods. Medic's objective is to improve healthcare in economically disadvantaged areas of the world. Requests for help often concern the establishment of small hospitals and clinics in countries in Africa, Central and South America and Asia. Many of the retired volunteers have a medical background. All kinds of specialists, general practitioners, tropical doctors, nurses, but also technicians, management and administrative staff. Local doctors and staff are always contacted to determine what help is needed. The equipment is thoroughly packed and sent directly to the local hospital. The knowledge and experience with development aid of many of the volunteers is an important reason for the success. Medic's own truck drives through the Netherlands every week to collect the donated goods. You can donate 24 hours a day via the website Medic is ANBI certified (Public Benefit Otgansation). If desired, an agreement can be concluded with hospitals in which, among other things, reuse is guaranteed. Medic also provides a planned disposal of surplus equipment. This is tested by Medic and repaired if necessary, so that no "garbage dump" is sent to developing countries. The donating hospital then contributes to a sustainable policy, prevents waste and practices corporate social responsibility.



Medic is a volunteer organization that helps provide medical supplies and services to the needy in economically deprived areas, regardless of race, creed or ideology.

After it was founded by the surgeon AJ Froeling in 1968, Medic has grown considerably into an organization with about 90 volunteers, experts in a wide area. In 1982 Medic became an independent foundation


Costs and benefits

Most goods are made available free of charge, sometimes goods or parts of equipment are purchased. The costs of means of transport, rent storage spaces, repairs and other operating costs are added to this.


However, the fact that the organization is run entirely by unpaid volunteers keeps the burden low. The costs are covered by asking applicants for a contribution. In selected cases, deliveries are made available free of charge to the extent that our resources are available. By closely monitoring our income and expenses, we are able to continue our work and improve our assistance.

Our sponsors

Relief supplies are offered to us by hospitals, nursing homes, the medical industry, medical practices and home care. But private individuals, service clubs, charitable funds and other aid organizations also provide help to Medic. We are very grateful for these contributions. In addition, there are also financial sponsors who ensure that the Medic Foundation can continue to do its work.

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