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Support us

Support us

Relief supplies are offered to us by hospitals, nursing homes, the medical industry, medical practices and home care. But private individuals, service clubs, charitable funds and other aid organizations also provide help to Medic. We are very grateful for these contributions.

Medic's commitment to reuse equipment and goods saves a lot of money. On the one hand, because less waste is produced, and on the other, this equipment is given a second life in those places in the world where it is not financially possible to purchase new goods.

Donations hospitals and healthcare institution

Medic has good contacts and agreements with hospitals and healthcare institutions, which are often laid down in a covenant. This allows the hospital to systematically dispose of its surplus or depreciated equipment. They also support a good cause, are protected against reuse and contribute to corporate social responsibility.

For a sample waiver form "click here"


Donations companies

Companies also donate to Medic in the context of corporate social responsibility. Slightly damaged or traded-in equipment that is still usable is gladly picked up by us.

Pick up of equipment and goods

Medic has its own means of transport. If you are unable to send the goods yourself, Medic can collect the donated goods from you by appointment. If you would like to donate equipment or other goods, “click here”

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