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COVID-19 and Medic Foundation


Apeldoorn 23 May 2022


Since a few weeks we as a foundation have been returning to the normal way of working. That means the following.


1. All volunteers can return to Medic  at normal working hours

2. Don't come if you have a fever or cold

3. We assume that you only come if you at least twice have been

    vaccinated and have had a booster vaccination.

4. Donated goods can again be collected after an appointment has

    been scheduled.

5. Visiting Medic in Apeldoorn is possible again as well as the collection

    of goods.


In the coming weeks we will closely monitor how these measures turn out. If it is necessary to take further measures, we will of course come back to this.


Stay healthy,


Carel de Bos

Chairman of the Medic Foundation

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