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Recent projects

  • Additional equipment for tropical doctors​

  • Setting up health centers in Africa, Asia and Central America

  • Equipment and medical supplies to hospitals and clinics in Eastern Europe

  • Equipment and knowledge transfer to rehabilitation centers

  • Material and financial support plus knowledge transfer to various projects

Sierra Leone

Dear people,

Just an update from Abdul. A few days ago I got recent pictures of him and he is doing well.
The wound has healed well with no serious infection. A proximal ulna fracture also appeared in the photo a few days after the fix ex was placed. With a plaster on the forearm, which we connected with a rod to the fixator (and thus on the upper arm), we could also treat it and still take care of the wound at the elbow.

The fixator is now on the ankle of an infected open tibial fracture and I used part of the other fixator material for another open tibial fracture last weekend.

Thanks again!
Greetings from Sierra Leone





Here are some more pictures and a thank you from Gambia. the cardiologist is very, very happy and the ophthalmologist is looking forward to the arrival of his devices.




The Medic Foundation has been supporting this project for a number of years. In addition to the supply of surgical material and instruments, our workshop volunteers also produce staples for orthopedic operations in a small hospital in Cameroon. The video below shows the fabrication of this in our workshop and the result of an operation by a surgeon who voluntarily operates many people on the spot for a few weeks every year. Would you like to donate "click here".


Good day ………… and colleagues from MEDIC,

You may remember that Marijke and I visited you in Apeldoorn.

At the time, in addition to 19 beds, mattresses and bedside tables, we also received many other materials (such as crutches, 2 microscopes, medical equipment, thermometers, stethoscopes, blood pressure monitors, 2 baby scales, etc. etc.) from you. These items were transported by ship to Chennai (India) in a huge container with another 31 beds, etc.

Recently, after a month in India, we have returned safely and healthy and above all with a happy and satisfied heart. We visited Helping Hands twice a week and traveled around for 14 days in between. First Varanasi and later a tribal tour through Orissa (far back in time).

As a thank you for our efforts and on behalf of the many sponsors, of which MEDIC is one, we were able to open the Helping Hands Gayathri (sun) hospital. A special experience.

We personally handed over your 'materials' to Steven Vidyaakar (initiator of Helping Hands). Your contribution is much appreciated. Everything comes in handy. The hospital will gradually be put into use. The outpatient clinics are now heavily visited by the underprivileged local population and the inmates of Helping Hands. The first deliveries and admissions will take place very soon. The MEDIC materials are gratefully used in the laboratory and with the nurses.

If you have a need, we are happy to tell you about Helping Hands on the basis of a power point presentation.

On behalf of Steven Vidyaakar, his staff and the many 'inmates' and local patients,

we would like to thank you and your colleagues once again.


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