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Medical Goods

Medic has a number of locations where equipment and goods are stored such as:

  • hospital inventory

  • medical instruments,

  • OK decor

  • dressing and suture material

  • syringes and needles, linen and uniforms

  • rehabilitation equipment, wheelchairs

  • walking aids

For a more detailed listing of the goods we generally have available, see “assortment”.

You can always visit Medic yourself, by appointment, to determine with us what you need for your project.

If you already know which equipment you need, please fill in the “application form” .


Our practical experience has shown that there is a great need for effective, yet simple equipment that requires only simple maintenance and for which parts are available almost everywhere.

Medic's technicians have developed a number of efficient products in close collaboration with, among others, tropical doctors:

These products have been tested in practice and are manufactured under our own management at a low cost.

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