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Operation Lamp

Tropical doctors who visited the MEDIC Foundation repeatedly asked us whether we had a light mobile Operation lamp in stock. Usually we also have Operation lamps available, but these are large scale lamps, which are heavy and equipped with 220 volt lamps that are difficult to obtain in the tropics. There must also be a stable and constant voltage, which is often not the case. The requirements that the MEDIC Operation lamp should meet have been established in consultation with surgeons with experience in the tropics.

These mean that the lamp:

  • must be mobile

  • must be able to operate on 220 volts as well as low voltage

  • can function for some time in the event of a 220 Volt power failure

  • adjustable spotlights

  • has a very long service life

This was a challenge for our technicians. The latest version of this Operation lamp is equipped with 8 LEDs. These light sources have the advantage that they dissipate little heat and also use considerably less energy. This means that only   one battery is sufficient and the lamp can function for another 6-8 hours in the event of a power failure.


Although the LEDs are less widely available, they have a significantly longer lifespan than incandescent bulbs and last 6-8 years with normal use.


The fixture of the MEDIC Operation lamp can be used in both horizontal and vertical position. The desired light concentration is easy to set. Thanks to the castors, the whole can be easily moved.


The MEDIC Operation lamp is packed in a 60x60x120 cm high wooden crate with a weight of approx. 100 kg

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