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Range of Goods

Medic Foundation depends on what equipment and goods we receive from hospitals and healthcare institutions. This means that we do not always have everything in stock. Nevertheless, there is a certain basic range that is generally available. If you have any questions about the availability of equipment, or about equipment not mentioned here, please "contact" us or fill in the "project application form".

  • General: Examination / treatment tables; diagnostic equipment such as a stethoscope; BP meter; electrocardiograph; ultrasound equipment; lamps; sterilizers; beds; crutches; wheelchairs; po chairs

  • Surgery: OR table; OK lamp; pumps;

  • Operation sets: Suture set; general surgical set; abdominal surgical set, etc .; various loose instruments; diathermy; electrosurgery

  • Orthopedics: Fixator external; various loose instruments

  • Gynecology: Delivery bed; parturition set; caesarean set; Abd. U.E. set; D / C set; vacuum extractor; doppler

  • Anesthesia: Surveillance monitors; defibrilators; resuscitation equipment; ambu-bag; syringe pumps

  • ENT: Diagnostic instruments; otoscopes; etc.; audiometers; surgical sets and instruments

  • Ophthalmology: Diagnostic equipment; including slit lamps; operating microscope; sets for intra and extra ocular procedures

  • Paediatrics: Incubator: Dräger and Hebi; weighing scales

  • Laboratory: Microscopes; centrifuges; HB meter; glucose meter; all kinds of small diagnostic equipment

  • Consumables: Bandage; suture material; catheters; spraying; snakes

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