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Covid-19 and Medic Foundation

November 30, 2021

​As of November 30th, 2021, we have had to further ajust the activities due to the increasing number of infections, the new South Africa variant and the decrease in the effectiveness of the vaccine in the elderly.

The board of the Medic Foundation has therefore decided the following after internal consultation with those involved:

1. That the Medic Foundation will be closed to volunteers and visitors until January 4 for normal activities.

2. That action will be taken in mutual consultation until further notice regarding the offer of goods or the implementation of a project. This is at the discretion of the relevant coordinators at the Medic Foundation. Contact via or via the website

3. That the delivery and collection of goods takes place outside the buildings

The board meets regularly to discuss the situation and assess whether the rules need to be amended.

​Unfortunately, we have to tighten the rules again. Given the high average age of our volunteers, we must be careful and hope and count on your cooperation, so that we can continue to offer help and ensure the health of our volunteers as best as possible.

​Carel de Bos

Chairman of the Medic Foundation


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