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Opthalmology training in Tanzania

A few years ago we started supporting the training of ophthalmic emergency personnel in northern Tanzania. Nurses receive three months of training in treating patients with eye complaints.

After the training, Medic ensures that they receive an ophthalmoscope and other ophthalmological instruments to put their new knowledge into practice

An exam was recently taken and we received the message below.

Dear Medic

Attached are graduation photos for Clinical Ophthalmic Assistant course October -December- 2023 intake graduated this December 28th, 2023. There were 15 students, two (2) of them didn't attend the ceremony  because of family problems.  

They did there theories and practical exams and PASS. They are competent to serve community as primary eye care physicians. Hand on are the Archlight and other working tool to start with. 

Thank you for your support. Next intake will be on February, 2024.




Bulili ML

Course Coordinator


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