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40 Years Medic Foundation!

Tuesday, February 3, 1982, "Stichting Medical Equipment Distribution & Information Centre", in short Stichting Medic, was founded. The purpose of the foundation is, as stated in the statutes drawn up at that time: “In a global context in the field of health and welfare, intended, in the broadest sense, to be helpful in developing areas or comparable areas. For more than forty years, more than 80 volunteers have been working every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 29 Johannes Bosboomstraat in Apeldoorn to collect, repair and test equipment and goods that have been donated to their Medic Foundation by hospitals and institutions in the healthcare sector. Every year, the Medic Foundation carries out about 150 projects in more than 30 developing countries with these goods. The objective of Medic is to improve health care in economically deprived areas of the world. Requests for help often involve setting up small hospitals and clinics in countries in Africa, Central and South America and Asia. Some of the often retired volunteers have a medical background. All kinds of specialists, general practitioners, tropical doctors, nurses, but also technicians, management and administrative staff. There are two workshops, electronic and mechanical, where the donated equipment is checked and repaired if necessary. Requests for help can easily be made via the website or by sending an email to The video below gives an impression of 40 years of Medic. Enjoy watching!

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